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What if your establishment's WiFi generated business?

Discover the power that your WiFi network has to attract customers while still delivering an innovative platform of insights unique to your business.

If your establishment does not have intelligent WiFi management, you are losing money.

With immediate installation and no maintenance costs, ZOOX WIFI is a cloud solution that manages your WiFi network offering information security, in-depth knowledge about your audience and powerful insights for your business.


WiFi as it should be

Your way: login page with your logo and customizable registration fields. Standardized communication for your brand and data relevant to your business.


Security and convenience for all.

Protection for your data with separate access for your company and your customers. Automatic traffic distribution, which improves the access performance of those who are connected.


New Advertising Formats

Way beyond the basics. Explore new media formats and invite your customers to watch a promotional video, enjoy your Facebook page and more!


Deep knowledge of your customers.

User recognition, which connects your customers automatically and facilitates the enrichment of your base with new questions and satisfaction surveys.


Rotativity in measurement.

Control to define the maximum time of use, to avoid long periods of occupation without consumption due to the free Wifi.


What matters is the analysis of data.

Extracting data is important, but knowing how to interpret it is vital. The Zoox WiFi Dashboard organizes in a practical and intuitive way the information most relevant to your business.


Accurate marketing actions

With Zoox WiFi you know your audience thoroughly. Use our powerful email marketing tool (integrated with the platform) and direct your offerings to the right people.


Investing in your business means having a return on every penny that comes out of the cashflow.

Zoox invests in high technology so you can make your WiFi a powerful business tool without compromising your budget or your time.

Heavy technology
for a lighter life.
Zoox is a young technology company, having in its portfolio successful products for the hotel segment and extending its expertise to other segments, mainly from the launch of Zoox WiFi. High investiments in innovation, making us pioneers and often the only company in our market.

We believe that the advancement of technology needs to have a unique focus: to make our lives better.And this is always the principle we have in mind when developing our products.

Zoox. Heavy technology for lighter life.
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